Modular Lego Furniture

With modular furniture you can design your rooms completely freely, design, rearrange and personalize your decor according to your wishes and needs. That’s why it’s so incredibly popular. The furniture collection we’re going to share today is LEGO for adults. You will love arranging them!

The German manufacturer Movisi has developed a lightweight and modular furniture system called Grow. The system is based on a single component that the user can connect to others using tool-free connections. Like LEGO, this modular furniture collection can be divided into seating, storage or dining areas.

The modules are also exceptionally light and are made of expanded polypropylene, which technically consists of foam, but has the performance characteristics of plastic: They are robust, impact-resistant, antibacterial and waterproof. Grow by Movisi consists of three parts, the bases, the connectors and the back parts that act as stabilizers so that users can store their possessions or display them on the walls. And each module only weighs 10 ounces, which is very convenient to arrange and attach to the wall.

Grow is great for decorating any modern space, from the bathroom to the bedroom. The simple design fits perfectly!

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