Modular Seating

Do you love to organize parties? Do family, relatives and friends come to your room often? If the answer is yes, then you are definitely going to love the project we’re introducing today.

The ‘Aspara’ modular seating system by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba can be arranged to form multiple arrangements so that the user can create a format that suits their preferred living needs. It has a padded top and base made from Afrormosia wood slats.

This sofa has been specially designed to adapt to different settings. An example is the two stainless steel pins that are used to position the various upholstered parts and the small tables on the aluminum slats of the base so that they can be removed and placed at different depths. Flexible features include the fully removable upholstery and the small round, square and rectangular steel tables that attach to the base of the frame.

Such a piece is simply a perfect solution for any modern space. It can easily be customized to suit all needs. In our modern world, where we often lack space and we need multifunctional furniture that can meet many requirements, it is simply ideal!

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