Monochromatic And Chaotic Taree Sideboard by E1e4

When a sideboard has not only storage space but also an original design, it almost becomes an art. The Taree Sideboard by E1 + E4 consists of two parts: a regular and a fully fragmented puzzle made of monochromatic gray tones. The edges of the sideboard are serrated and even separated from the right side, as if the fragments were messy and falling apart. If you look further to the right at the sideboard, however, you will notice a transition. The color evens out, the two doors on the right are completely connected and finally even the choppy sides are smoothed out. The right side of the cabinet is flat, streamlined, and has the strength of a concrete block. On the right side, two gray doors without fittings open to reveal a spacious compartment with a shelf.

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