Monochromatic Minimalist Interior

If you look at the pictures of this recently renovated Parisian apartment you will be surprised to find that, despite its monochrome appearance, it is not black and white photos, but the result of the owner’s design ethos.

The owner and designer Guillaume Alan chose a nuanced palette of white and gray tones to transform the magnificent Haussmann residence from the 19th century into a refuge of spatial purity and refined elegance. He showed a monochromatic approach that is far from creating a uniform environment but has created a lyrical interplay of light, depth and textures. Discrete, geometric lines create strictly defined, clearly arranged rooms that are permeated with architectural purity and sculptural finesse. Light gray oak floors, natural marbles, ash wood, raw laundry, soft leather, silk and wool form a masterfully crafted, harmonious composition that envelops the residents in lush softness.

Most of the furniture comes from the Guillaume Alan Collection and is based on his love for natural materials, rich texture and minimalist designs. The project also includes custom-made items such as the dining room chairs inspired by vintage Chinese armchairs and the Corian top dining table offset by textured ash wood made from brushed ash wood. Every detail and accessory here goes together perfectly and is designed to create a polished feel. Get inspired by the beauty of these rooms by checking out the pictures below!

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