Monochrome Attic Apartment

The architect François Pélegrin, his wife Evelyn and his family now live in the former Parisian mansion of Star Josephine Baker. Sensitively renovated, they left as much of the original architecture as possible and focused on making it energy efficient. François is now set up as a maisonette and works from his office on the ground floor while he and his family live in the charming attic you see here.

I love the modern look of this attic space! The whole apartment is in black and white, the floors are made of whitewashed wood, structured and cool. The attic is framed like a completely separate floor with a glass wall and stairs. The large wooden beams have been left here and whitewashed to make them more invisible and not spoil the overall decor, although they still add to the style.

On the lower floor there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, all of which are furnished in a cozy Scandinavian style. The smooth surfaces and the monochrome color scheme are softened with the help of textures and fabrics such as artificial sheepskin on the chairs and for carpets. The dining area has the best views from the skylights.

Upstairs there is a bedroom and bathroom – spaces that need some privacy. The bedroom decor is softened by wall cupboards, a dressing table, and a bedside table, all made from the same light natural wood and a cool large imitation sheepskin rug. Whitewashed bricks add charm and character to the bedroom.

There is also a delightful terrace, the decor of which continues the interior. The black and white color scheme and a weathered wooden deck look very cool together. Various potted green spaces and flowers enliven this outdoor area.

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