Monochrome Lamp

The designer Victor Castanera wanted to create something that was a reminder of how extraordinary many everyday experiences are, how complicated it is to choose and what you need to keep everything perfect. The Balance lamp was designed by him for the young Swedish brand Oblure and features glowing glass spheres that balance between steel shelves. It consists of a series of spherical components that are sized to achieve a “perfect balance”.

The base of the lamp is made of black marble to stabilize the structure, while delicate hand-blown glass balls sit around the light bulbs that are slit between the angular steel shelves. Black metal balls have also been added to create the correct density that will act as a counterbalance to the glass balls. All wires and connectors are hidden in the construction. To change each LED lamp, the user simply lifts the glass ball to replace it. Popular black and white colors can be easily mixed anywhere.

Balance has a chic look, luxurious materials and besides designs that have an inner philosophical value and purpose, an amazing addition to any interior. So find the perfect balance!

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