Moss Lamp

Nature is inspiring more and more designers, and we are getting more and more pieces that give our homes a sense of nature and tranquility. Marko Vuckovic has long worked to bring the benefits of nature into the home in ways that go well beyond the confines of the traditional potted plant, and he succeeded!

The Mosslamp is a green oasis in a glass bowl and was influenced by the Swedish city of Malmö. The lamp channels the unique capabilities of the moss plant, which can grow in places that would not be covered by other plants. In Vuckovic’s glass bowl there is a pre-formed foam mold made of recycled plastic, over which the moss begins to grow. Vuckovic wants everyone to be able to personalize their moss lamp by creating a unique design for the shape of the foam based on circuit diagrams and then proceeding with 3D printing. The moss could then grow on the individual shape.

The stand under the glass bowl is made from a piece of carefully selected aluminum shaped into a heat-resistant ring that is not attached to the bowl itself. All electrical parts are equipped with LED flashes that illuminate the moss from below. The bowl can also be used as a hanging mosslamp, making it practical and easy to use.

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