Muted Color Palette Apartment

This Moscow apartment for a young family including their 2 year old son and the Russian blue cat has been remodeled by Geometrium. Customers wanted their home to be a reflection of their lives and interests: the wife worked at home and needed space to complete her job as well as her secondary image, while the husband wanted space for his soccer and cycling hobbies. After all, they wanted a calming atmosphere to enjoy wine at home in the evenings.

The apartment was given a completely new floor plan with an additional bathroom, a larger closet and storage space as well as a wine cooler in the walk-in closet. The kitchen was connected to the living room, and the bathroom borrowed some space from the corridor. The living room has been further defined from the connecting corridor with the addition of a floating closet that serves as storage space and gently divides the space.

The colors are natural and muted, with an emphasis on natural wood tones, charcoal walls, and metallic accents. The focus is also on marble accents in the kitchen and foyer. The decor style is modern and chic, there are many noticeable features and the longer you watch, the more of them you see. The kid’s room is more colorful than the rest of the rooms, but it stays true to the overall style.

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