Narrow Wooden Cabin House

A wooden hut is a popular type of home today, made of wood and decorated in a simple way. It is a perfect vacation home or just a home for hiking and outdoor lovers. Building a house is pretty budget friendly, so many people today choose these type of houses, especially for forests and mountains.
Cabins are usually small, simple and all natural, not very high or large, but today’s one has character. Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., who worked in partnership with Design Base 8, designed the Rabbit Snare Gorge, a cabin in Nova Scotia, Canada. The owner is an avid nature lover who wanted to respect the land. Therefore, the structure was built taller to minimize the space required by the house. The elevated nature of the design also allows for better visibility and it looks very noticeable when ruling the country.
In order to counteract the heavy rain storms, winter northeastern and strong winds, the construction system was built in such a way that it can withstand large lateral and buoyant loads. A layered jacket will also help in strong winds.
The open interior prevents the narrow space requirement from feeling too small. A double-high ceiling in the kitchen and living room forms the second floor, which leads to the loft of the living room above, while the bedrooms and the entrance are located on the ground floor. I love the extensive glazing, which may not be as energy efficient, but it connects so well outside and inside.
The interior is kept simple with light wood and white surfaces, which are typical of any wooden hut, with the natural landscape outside the large windows taking center stage. There is only one accent – a bold green sofa, reminiscent of spring grass, and the sofa faces the windows so owners can enjoy the view. The lamps are simple industrial lamps that hang from above on long black cables. This makes the interior appear very high and not small. Light wood and white visually expand the narrow space.
There is a large balcony with glass rails which has great views and is great for al fresco dining when the weather is nice.
The cabin tower is a completely unique construction that can be seen from afar and is a fantastic self-expression of the owner who loves the outdoors.

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