Nature Inspired Shelf

Today furniture is not only something functional, but also art and decor. We share a very harmonious and I would say nature-inspired shelf that looks like it’s growing.

This tiered shelf designed by Ammar Kalo appears to be an ordinary three-piece piece of wood, but that’s only at first glance. This sculptural piece of furniture leaves the impression that each shelf is growing as a living organism through another. This effect is achieved through unusually large holes and joints. But what makes the construction stable?

The piece has shelves that rest on vertically sloping legs with no hardware connections. They attach to the top shelf with a custom-made solid brass connector that folds the legs down for shipping in flat packs. The connecting points of the tiered shelf, where more than two parts come together, are highlighted either by manipulating the environment to create a “soft” formal response, or by a tectonic expression that elegantly connects the members together.

The maple legs grow organically from the horizontal top and fall down to hit the ground. In addition, the shelves have untreated camel leather collars that fit snugly against the legs to prevent slipping and allow the shelves to sit without additional hardware.

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