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Neoclassical Home Renovation

Factor Eficiencia was hired to bring this 1913 neoclassical villa back to life in Colonia Roma, Mexico City, adding a new structure called Ignacia Guest House.

The new building houses four guest rooms, each with their own color theme – blue, green, pink, and yellow – stacked vertically with two at each end. Each room has a terrace or an outdoor area overlooking the central terrace. A glazed walkway connects the main house with the guest house with an outer wall of plants on one side and a view of the terrace on the other.

The redesign of the original house and the newly designed guest house are a tribute to the former housekeeper who worked there for over 70 years. After gathering information on Ms. Ignacia, the design team created a plan that included the color palette and landscape design and was lovingly inspired by her and her birthplace.

The layout of the original house has been retained, but the spaces have been reorganized for better flow. They managed to restore the moldings, plastering, wooden floors and historical details, as well as the window frames and doors. In addition to the entrance hall, reception, library, dining room and kitchen, the main building has a master suite. The interior has been decorated with a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces to make it really eye-catching.

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