Neutral Apartment Design

Today, I share the quiet elegance of London-based fashion designer Anna Valentine’s apartment / studio. The space is calm and peaceful, with a calm interior and a strong Scandinavian feel.

High ceilings make the apartment feel very spacious, and lots of natural light helped with this too. The living room has white walls and hardwood floors covered with a chevron pattern. There is a large fireplace and lots of firewood in an alcove next to it. The furniture is modern: a black leather sofa, a brown leather armchair, some cute wooden coffee tables, and a wicker chair. A basket of twigs adds a cute rustic touch, and a musical instrument becomes part of the decor.

The kitchen with dining area is united and filled with light from the balcony. The cabinets are white, the kitchen back wall made of white marble – the designer decided to play with textures and not colors. The dining set is made of light wood.

The bedroom is calm and serene. The white radiator also serves as a storage area. The bed is also white and soft. There is a lot of light here and you can see a whole combination of graphic artwork on the wall. There’s a cute corner by the window – with a vintage table, stools, and an apothecary cabinet, and I’ll bet the designer sometimes works there when she needs inspiration because the view is amazing there.

The apartment is calm and inspiring, it’s not only a great place to live, it’s a cool place to work too! Check out the pictures below for some inspiration!

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