Nkba Award Large Bathrooms

NKBA stands for National Kitchen & Bath Association. The 2008 NKBA Design Contest is only open to NKBA members. It recognizes the talent of kitchen and bathroom designers to plan safe, functional, and personalized spaces that incorporate imaginative design statements and aesthetically pleasing solutions. This year the NKBA received a record number of entries? almost 580 projects. Although the winners were announced in the spring, I think they are worth a mention.

The competition is divided into different categories. Big bathroom Is one of them.

Large bathroom First place – Siri Evju

Siri Enju works in SIRI DESIGNS, Portland. The bathroom was part of the complete remodeling of the house. The picture was taken by Steve Taque.

After the design of the bathroom, it now offers visually appealing and several luxurious amenities. The overall impression is a warm, elegant look with organic elements that contrast the horizontal lines.

The wooden floor in the bedroom / hallway merges with the quartzite stone floor in the bathroom. A wooden reveal was created around the room to lower the vaulted ceiling. Half a wall of mica strips helps separate the vanity from the tub area. The quartzite block growing out of the ground and the privacy screen form a seat for drying. New windows bring in daylight and the cosmetic mirrors are tailored to match. The large shower / steam room has a rain shower and is wrapped in sandstone boards. A small window matches the tile shape. The most unusual feature is a waterfall that runs down the sandstone tile wall into a bed of pebbles.

Large bathroom second place

Donna LA Riddell from ARTISTRY DESIGN GROUP LTD, Victoria. Photo from F8 Photographic.

The existing bathroom was small and outdated. A planned extension would provide opportunities for a spacious bathroom that would go well with the master bedroom. Requests included a large hot tub, a spacious shower with a variety of shower head options, separate vanities, old world marble, and decor that reflects the elegance of a European spa.

A new large archway, flanked by pillars, was designed to separate the toilet and shower from the bath and vanity areas. An airy, glass-enclosed shower with subway tiles contained a generous safety bench. A waterproof flooded the shower with natural light.

Under the bay window was a luxurious, spacious hot tub that was blinded by a crystal chandelier overhead. Wide French double doors further connected the rooms. Polished Italian Carara marble on the spa deck, vanity tops, mosaic floor upholstery, shower threshold and shelf niches contrast with the high sheen of mirrors and polished, vintage-style nickel faucets. Romantic curves flowed from the archway to the rounded fronts of the symmetrically balanced vanities and the furniture-style spa deck.

Large bathroom third place

Blauer Arnold from KITCHENS ON REQUEST. Code-signed by Lance Arnold and Julie Krause. Photo by Ron Soloman.

This master bath retreat was laid out next to the master bedroom on a once barely used cedar deck. The oval hydrotherapy bathtub invites you to relax in front of the stainless steel gas fireplace with a wonderful view of nature.

The light and airy feel of the room makes it more of a living room than a bathroom. The room is spacious enough for two people to relax and enjoy spa-like comfort without feeling cramped at all. The color scheme makes the room warm and relaxing with its sleek look.

Floating washbasins on South American slate walls with glass tile inlay reinforce the feeling of modern luxury. Hand-blown glass pendants dance on the ceiling and pull the wonderful copper glass color of the washbasins upwards. If you don’t have time for a bath, the clear glass wall shower with an open entrance and a small installation seat is a comfortable shower room.


Tracey Scalzo from EUROTECH CABINETRY INC. Code designer – Anne Folsom Smith. Photo by Tom Harper.

Homeowners wanted a warm, elegant aesthetic for this master bath, but they also needed to maximize storage while maintaining an open, uncluttered appearance. The shower and the water closet have separate rooms for privacy, so that the central washbasin / bathtub area can be used as a living room / dressing room.

A subtle, monochromatic palette of bright colors and multiple mirrors maximize the window’s natural light. A tall cabinet built into a niche between the shower entrance and a building column offers plenty of storage space. The use of bypass doors avoids door vibrations that would affect the placement of a comfortable chair.

The sink bottoms are flanked by decorative pilasters and pulled a few inches to add dimension and visual interest to the 15-foot run of the plinth cabinets. Drawer banks have been tailored to the customer’s exact dimensions to maximize storage of cosmetics and other toiletries.


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