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Great Kitchen Winner – Terri Ruth Hosken

Terri Ruth Hosken works in BEYOND THE BOX – KÜCHENDESIGN, Anchorage, AK. The kitchen was designed for restaurant owners who know what works in the kitchen. However, they wanted not only functionality, but also a creative and inspiring place. The photo is from Frank Flavin.

The design method focused on a composition that offered versatility and innovative storage ideas. A number of components have been successfully integrated behind the calm facade, with which the layout of the kitchen can be adapted to all space requirements. The island plays a key role as it allows the main functions to be brought together in one area designed to ensure freedom of movement. A mobile service trolley rotates freely to reveal small devices under the counter, or it can be removed to serve elsewhere, while also providing additional space for the counter knees.

A door lift made of stainless steel hides the microwave next to the steam oven and the drawer underneath and connects the adjacent oven and coffee system. In contrast to the reflective steel block, clear maple with a crack cut shows the eye to the unit. The hidden pantry interacts with the surrounding cabinets for non-stop compliance.

Big kitchens second place

This kitchen was designed by Peter Vanderhyden who works at IMAGES KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN INC, Stoney Creek, ON. It has been redesigned to accommodate large gatherings while a family of four and their pet can enjoy family dinners and quick breakfasts. The photo is from Roy Timm.

A complete gutting of the kitchen, laundry and storage rooms was necessary so that the house had to be updated and planned to allow a seamless flow to the adjacent rooms and an actively used outdoor terrace and pool area immediately next to the kitchen. Plans and details have been carefully designed. The gathering space around a built-in banquet seat that overlooks the outside deck, stone fireplace, and television allows those seated to interact with the cook. A raised breakfast bar next to the new patio door enables a quick meal in the morning and is an excellent meeting point.

The cooking, cleaning and preparation of food on professional equipment is aligned in the central core and offers easy access to the pantry around the corner. Away from the main cooking zone is a coffee and refreshment area where guests and family can communicate without disturbing the chef.

Large kitchens third place

The kitchen was designed by Anthony Albert Passanante who works at PETER SALERNO INC., Wyckoff, NJ. The customer wanted a functional kitchen with unique features, including a traditional French country design. The overall design was inspired by the focus on key features such as the island, paneled hood and passage, creating a sense of unity. Photo by Peter Rymwid.

The most iconic piece, a traditional sloped and raised paneled hood, takes this kitchen to a new level. This feature, which has spices at the bottom, is 9 inches deep and allows for a more convenient work area. To create interesting texture, a combination of chicken wire and glass has been added to the flanking wall cabinets.

The passage creates an extraordinary view from the large room into the kitchen and highlights the glazed cupboards made of cherry wood. In addition, the separate 36-inch full-size fridge and freezer cater to any family’s needs. The bridge between these two devices is a graceful, custom-made arch supported by two traditional consoles that are highlighted by two light fixtures.

Bookcases have been installed on the back of the refrigerator wall, adding the finishing touches to the large adjacent room. These bookcases match the kitchen theme by using the same custom valance cutout.


The kitchen was designed by Gerard Ciccarello who works at COVENANT KITCHENS & BATHS INC, Westbrook, CT. Photo by Steve Wegener.

This kitchen is located very close to the front door, so the hob was positioned on the north wall, where it was easy to see when approaching the room. The hob with a decorative hood in pale cream with a brown Vandyke glaze forms a focal point from the kitchen entrance. Since the cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, the hood looks more dramatic and stays in balance with the rest of the cabinets.

Since the windows take up a large part of the wall space, the island – in a different color than the perimeter – offers various functions, including storage space, microwave house, seating and a generous work surface.

The beautiful swamp view is the main focus of this kitchen. The warm color palette, the balance of the elevations and the efficient use of space give this kitchen a casual elegance. It’s a well-designed place for a family to reconnect and relax after a long day of work or play.


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