Norway Summer Cabin

Pine louvers cover the glazed sides of this cabin from the Oslo studio Lund Hagem Arkitekter, which has two large windows at one end facing the slopes in the Norwegian ski resort of Kvitfjell. Lund Hagem Arkitekter placed the cabin on one of the highest buildable lots in the resort and offered a clear view to the southeast, where the sloping terrain is populated by birch and pine trees.

The design process was inspired by the client’s desire to have “a summer cabin in a winter landscape”. While the cabin has glazed walls, wooden bars that cover the exterior give the interior a less exposed and cozy feel. The slats, which also protect a linear terrace, have been treated with iron sulphate, which accelerates the graying process of the wood.

The main cabin and the annex were built on stilts raised from the ground in order to touch the ground as lightly as possible. By placing two volumes near the neighboring border, a kind of inner courtyard was created. This way, the outdoor areas could benefit from the privacy of the neighbors, while still benefiting from the western / evening sun at Easter and summer.

Inside, oiled oak boards on the floor and ceiling add to this cozy ambience, and parts of the walls are clad in dark-painted pine.

The lounge occupies a pillar of the Y-shaped floor plan and is furnished with fleece-covered chairs and a hanging wood-burning stove, while dark wood-paneled walls and light cabinets give the kitchen area a bolder look. In the center of the room is a metal island with a sink and hob, while dishes, an oven, and cooking utensils are hidden in two deep wooden cabinets.

A master bedroom and en-suite bathroom occupy the second part of the plan, while three other bedrooms run along one side of the Y’s stern.

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