Old House Creamy Shades

This cozy and welcoming country house is 200 years old and the owners have had to restore and renovate a lot to get a home of their dreams.

The owners are very fond of the house’s vintage details and have decided to keep some of them: stone facades and wooden shutters that go perfectly with new decor and also let in lots of light when opened. To keep the holiday vibe the owners have also made all the doors and windows French.

The living room has a light feel, the entire interior is cream in color, from the walls and floor to the upholstery, and thanks to this warm shade, the interior is very cozy. A creamy palette is accented with black details like a fireplace, some artwork, lamps, and planters. They aren’t too many to make the room look warm, but they are enough to accentuate the decor.

The dining room is also decorated in cream tones, but there are more earthy accents: wicker furniture, a light wooden table, and light green pillows. All of these pieces are done in warm tones and make the room more cozy, and I also like the combination of pendant lights above the dining table. The kitchen is quite small, it’s kind of a cozy corner, decorated in the same cream tones. The kitchen island is a wooden island with baskets instead of drawers.

The bedroom decor is inspired by the couple’s nautical vacation. That is why there is wood like in ship cabins, sea-inspired works of art and of course bed linen. There’s also a ladder at the top that looks like a ship’s ladder.

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