Olmen Farmhouse Covered With Terracotta Colored Tiles

Terracotta-colored tiles clad this Olmen house on Belgian farmland, which was designed by architect Pascal François to match the traditional agricultural architecture of the region. Glass and copper boxes protrude from the seamless tile cladding, forming bays and balconies. Windows with oak frames are also embedded in the facade. The circular openings in the walls of the connecting passage give a glimpse into the old brick and wood barn that has been repaired and converted into a garage and woodshed. The interior is minimalist and chic with some luxurious details such as marble surfaces in the kitchen. A long picture window runs along one side of the dining room and overlooks a lavender bed to a new sturdy block with an asymmetrical metal roof. A large guest suite in the basement is illuminated by a series of large skylights in portholes and has access to the garden via a red brick fountain.

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