Outdoor Furniture Built In Lighting

The ULM terrace furniture collection designed by Ramón Esteve for the Vondom factory seeks unity with other design details. The sofa and chairs, couch, coffee table and ottoman have a rigid and stable construction for relaxation and offer absolute comfort.

The entire ULM collection is equipped with integrated lighting, underlines the innovative quality and outlines models. The ULM Couch ULM is reminiscent of a shell balancing on the fireplace. The designer Ramón Esteve achieved a refined and pure look of the ULM collection through the use of spherical geometry. The swivel function makes it easier to turn the part around its axis.

The other parts of the ULM collection are enforced with all the required properties and high usability and functionality with no unnecessary elements. The ULM furniture collection fits easily into any outdoor environment and is easy to care for.

Vondom is the only factory that produces its own collection of technical rubbers using the rotational molding method for special shapes with subsequent manual processing. With this technology you can create unique models and designs for each new collection.

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