Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas

There is nothing better than spending time outdoors in spring or summer: fresh air, sunlight, relaxation at its best. Eating, reading, sleeping, socializing, sunbathing, swimming, and more – all of these are cooler outdoors! If you’re a sucker for outdoor living like me, then you definitely have some outside areas to decorate and what else you need is an outdoor pool and hot tub. Even if your outside area is small, you can always fit a hot tub that will make you happy every time you use it. What could be nicer than relaxing in the outdoor hot tub after a long day at work?

There are different ways to maintain privacy, different decks and green spaces to plant around them. You can use different materials and style your outdoor hot tub and circling it in different ways. Interested? Let’s have a look!

Sunken hot tubs

A sunken hot tub looks very natural – like there is a real hot spring in your garden. Put it in your deck covered with wood, stone or some tile and it will look very cool and inviting. Another idea is to submerge your hot tub on a platform – one made of wood, concrete, or stone, whichever is more convenient for you. The whirlpool can be round or square, integrated into a pool or simply separated. Create a privacy fence or just rock some green walls to keep the space cozy and use natural materials all around, such as natural wood. B. light wood, and clad your hot tub in the same wood to give it a Japanese spa feel.

Freestanding hot tubs

Create your own spa oasis with a freestanding hot tub! Just add a few steps or surround the tub with pebbles or lots of green for a hot look. You can also add seating right in the tub to make sitting and sinking comfortable in the tub. To make the hot tub stand out, you can put lanterns, candles, or some eye-catching green on every corner of the tub. If it’s a round tub, you can add a fire pit or fireplace next to it for a dramatic look and more relaxation.

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