Outdoors L Shaped Benches

The outdoor season is open! If you haven’t decided on patio furniture yet or want to change something, our summaries are for you as we share the most practical and chic ideas for the outdoors – furniture, appliances and decor, it’s all for you!

Today I want to share some cool outdoor L shaped benches. What’s so amazing about an L-shaped bench? First of all, a conversation area is easy to create with just adding one table. Second, choosing a suitable design will give you plenty of storage space, which is essential for small outdoor spaces. An L-shaped bench can be perfect for small or large spaces. It all depends on how and where you place them. Let’s look at some examples.

L-shaped benches with storage

Extra space is what we all need as there are a lot of things to store and even if your space is large we don’t want to clutter it, do we? A storage bench can hold many things and no one will see or find out about them until you lift the lid. The lid is easy to hide with pillows and pillows or just some blankets that you use for comfort. Such a bench is a great find for a small patio or balcony, as tiny spaces should be neatly arranged. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to make such storage benches yourself. So do it yourself if you feel smart. Add a dining table and voila – a cool dining area is ready!

L-shaped benches without storage

What’s just great about tabletops – they look incredibly light and floating, which is modern, stylish, and ideal for small spaces that shouldn’t have heavy-looking furniture. If you take a concrete bench, your outdoor space will look very chic and contemporary, and wood will add comfort and make the space inviting. For very small spaces, you can try a foldable version of a bench – just clip the top somewhere.

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