Outside Inspired House Design

Alts Design Office’s Azuchi House is a unique case of creating interiors inspired by the outside. This Japanese home shows minimalism at its best and makes the owners feel like they are inside – so much freedom!

The living room is decorated with concrete and light wood, the ceiling, wall and furniture are finished with it. The kitchen is hidden behind wood paneling and is in the corner of the open floor plan. The dining area is furnished with a light wooden table and some comfortable chairs and is in the middle of the room. The living room has a comfy gray sofa, low piece of furniture, and a cool, green grass-inspired rug that gives the room an outside feel. With many windows and light wall cladding, the room appears larger and flooded with light.

There are two more levels on the upper floor. The second level has a room that can be used for children’s games or other things. It is lit and filled with light, and there is no furniture that does not clutter it. It’s connected to the living room downstairs so the people who sit there are united with those who cook in the kitchen. Another level is completely closed and has some private zones that are not shown in the pictures: a bedroom and a bathroom.

The whole house is flooded with light and feels very spacious while being relatively small and taking up little space. There is a lot of light wood that is used for the decoration and it makes the house cozier and more welcoming and it gives a natural feel.

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