Pastel Vintage Interior

We’re used to seeing monochrome Scandinavian houses with minimal details, but this house is not one of those types. Owned by Stockholm home designer Amelia Widell, it is skillfully decorated in subtle pastel tones with a soft Scandinavian aesthetic.

The living room is neutrally designed and creates a perfect backdrop for colorful furniture and the owner’s collection of vintage pieces. The sofa adds a pink accent to the scheme. On the sideboard behind the sofa there are framed paintings, drawings and photographs as well as valuable objects. I absolutely love the deep purple upholstered armchair next to the sofa, it makes the room more dramatic. Lots of potted green enliven the room and there is a glass table that gives it a glamorous feel.

The kitchen is designed in gray with a vintage chandelier and a mosaic tile floor to better accentuate the quiet space. The dining table with a light wood top is from IKEA, and the chairs with the same wood tone go perfectly together. Curtains no longer bring natural light into the interior, which is essential for Scandinavian countries with little sunlight.

The bedroom is painted a calm gray shade of blue, and there is a vintage sideboard that is used to store shoes. There are also some potted plants in bold colors – check out those purple leaves! A peaceful-looking bed is accentuated by a dark green velvet ottoman, a blue velvet stool, and a creamy upholstered day bed. Vintage lamps, a mirror and a sideboard complete the quiet room and make it stand out a little.

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