Pendant Lamp With A Mirror

Multifunctional furniture is not just a trend, it is almost a demand, an answer to the demands of the modern world. The more functions the furniture fulfills, the better, and if it has a cool design at the same time, it is even better! Today we have one of these pieces to share, it’s OBLIO piece by Gio Tirotto.

Is it a mirror, a lamp, or both? Gio Tirotto designed OBLIO as a crossover piece that lies somewhere between art and design. The device created for the Secondome Gallery has a domed bracket that holds a mirrored disc with an embedded LED light around the perimeter. The disc rotates at different angles and changes how it looks and works.

One such piece was originally designed for a gallery and can be used in bathrooms or entrance areas. It’s a cool and easy solution for small spaces. Ready to hang it in your home?

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