Pendant Lamps Inspired by Flowers

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors, writers and other creative people, and this of course also applies to designers and architects. And here’s another design studio and a piece that was inspired by nature: Berlin-based Studio Lieven was inspired by movements in nature, for example when flowers open or jellyfish swim through the water while the inMOOV lamp was designed . The body of the faceted lamp is made from the invertible disc that they made themselves.

Due to the folding and unfolding of the invertible disc, the lamp can switch from a smaller to a much larger, elongated lamp. LED strips are hidden in it, the color temperature of which changes depending on whether the luminaire is open (3500 Kelvin), creating a soft light that illuminates the ceiling, or closed (2500 Kelvin), which creates a more focused, warm light pointing down. The device can be easily opened and closed by hand.

These unique futuristic lamps are definitely reminiscent of nature, but this is a fresh and futuristic take on natural shapes and forms.

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