Penthouse Eclectic Style

This penthouse in the Dutch city of Utrecht is home to interior designer Jeroen van Zwetselaar from ZW6 and was designed by himself. Designers and architects always know what they want in their own four walls and how they can best achieve this look.

The style of this apartment is eclectic and I especially love the sleek black kitchen as a counterbalance to the bright apartment. The kitchen background is done in light colors and light wood, but all appliances and the kitchen island are black to create a striking contrast. Vintage industrial stools perfectly match the style.

The rest of the apartment is pretty bright: check out the dining and living room areas, they are full of color, although not as bold, but still spiritual. A vintage Persian rug looks a little strange with a modern table and chairs. The living area in the corner can come up with different colors and original pieces. There’s a bold red modern sofa, antique rug, and a unique laser cut curtain that work together to create a cool and bold ambience.

Adorable works of art and oversized photographs create a mood here and there and give the room a character. There is a lot of greenery and some flowers used as decoration to connect the indoor spaces with the large outdoor terrace.

The home office is set up in a very simple way so as not to distract attention from working or reading, and there are few accents like potted green and oversized artwork that takes up almost the entire wall.

The bedroom is a bit like a bachelorette room, with a more minimalist interior and human-like beds in dusty colors. There is again an antique rug and some fur on the floor to make the room more cozy. The owner likes to use different textiles in home decor to create some effects and make the interior more comfortable.

The apartment has a large terrace with a great view of the city that looks very impressive.

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