Pixilated Bathroom Design Made With Custom Mosaic Tile

We all know that with mosaic tiles we can create a very beautiful wall design in bathrooms and kitchens. Although only simple patterns usually come to mind. De Meza + Architecture + Interiors created a much more interesting bathroom design for the 2010 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Pixilated walls they created with black and white mosaic tiles look more like a work of art than a simple pattern. To create this really intricate pattern, Spec Ceramics created 12 “x 12” mesh sheets with tiles that were much easier to install later.

The back wall of the shower was inspired by a photo of a French staircase that used tiled words on the risers. The floor and the adjacent wall pattern are designed to create movement in the room and also to draw attention to the back wall of the shower. As a result, designers have a modern design that lives in a traditional envelope. You can find a more detailed description in the HomeWorkshop.

{Photographs by Shae Rocco}

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