Plant Shelf Ideas That Are Perfectly Style

Ahhh. You see a blank wall; It bothers you, you’re not sure why, but you know your interior needs a modern update. Maybe you don’t have enough space or are afraid to invest in paint or expensive artwork. This is where a trendy new piece comes into play. Shelf decor is making a huge comeback in 2021, thanks in part to urban living and social media. This stylish accent is perfect for apartment living and large walls that need more life and structure. Once you’ve found the perfect shelf, your next question might be what home accessories should I hang for the shelves? The good news? You are right here! Here at Nearly Natural we have a wide selection of artificial plants and flowers that will accent any shelf.

Shelf decoration ideas
This summer, try adding colorful flowers and lush green plants. These are just floating shelf decorating ideas to get you started. Especially for boho and farmhouse style rooms, these floating shelves are a great #shelfie to help you improve your social media activity. Shelf accents come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re pressed for space, our smallest faux plants add some freshening up to make the room more cohesive. You can buy some of these in sets or combine different plants of all textures to create an intense mixture.

Your plant babies bring you so much joy every day, so why not give them the royal treatment by displaying them in the center? We’re big fans of using plant shelves in any room in the house, be it the office, bedroom or even the bathroom. Whether you want to fill your shelf exclusively with green friends or incorporate other decorative elements, you can’t go wrong. Below we have put together inspiring images to get your creativity flowing.

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