Portable Chargeable Camping Device

A modern lamp can be not only a source of light or a part of the decor, but also a high-tech device with many regimes, portable, paid and convenient in its packaging. BioLite’s BaseLantern is the latest slim, rechargeable lantern designed for brightening up camping, festivals, garden gatherings, or home use at night, and does a lot more. This is a light plus power idea with a larger light source, longer battery life, the ability to connect to other lights, and some charging ports. The biggest advancement though is the Bluetooth LE connected app which has options for custom control, remote activation, programmed activation and even different colors to suit mood or night vision. The size is much smaller and flatter than traditional lanterns and is the size of a hearty sandwich. The small shape is the product of using a slim rechargeable battery placed by refractory molding on the inside of each lens, amplifying the LEDs used to a solid 500 lm output. The close-fitting aluminum legs can be folded out as a stable base for ambient lighting, as an angled base for reading or focused tasks or as a suspension point on a branch or tent hook. In conjunction with the neatly nested SiteLight fairy lights, the BaseLantern can be extended for a happy, festive atmosphere. When used with the app, the BaseLight also has adjustable color settings. Such a lamp is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is great for festivals and in your garden. So buy one!

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