Prefab Cardboard Holiday Home

Fiction Factory, once a theater landscape company, has expanded its design and construction initiative to include a small house, the Wikkelhouse. The design uses high strength cardboard as the main element of the structure. During the production process, the house-shaped form is wrapped with 24 layers of cardboard – which gives rise to the name of the structure and can be loosely translated from Dutch as “winding house”. Using the same main components in each structure, the design of each house can differ greatly in terms of overall size and individual features.

Each segment of the house weighs only 500 kilos – so the structure can rest directly on the ground without a foundation. After the box is wrapped around the 54 square foot segments, they are transported and positioned. The exterior of the Wikkelhaus is covered with waterproof sheeting and wood cladding to protect the internal structure and residents from varying weather conditions. Since the fiction factory first introduced Wikkelhouse, the company has successfully installed the structure in a variety of settings – both urban and natural.

The interior of the house is completely covered with plywood, which creates a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere. There’s a stove to make you feel warm and comfortable, and glazed walls on either side offer plenty of light and cool views. The interior is entirely up to you – fill it with the things you like and enjoy your perfect vacation home!

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