Rally Collection Kids Room Decoration From Cia International

While you might think that Cia stands for Central Intelligence Agency, this is not the case. Can you imagine children’s rooms decorated by them? Cia International is a company in the Brianza region that was introduced to the Italian market in the early 1970s. Thanks to its unmistakable high quality, originality and design, it immediately became a cornerstone in children’s furniture and still holds excellent positions there.

The rally collection is one of 4 of their collections. It has everything to make your nursery personal and remarkable, whether it’s a boy or a girl. In addition to standard furniture such as beds, cupboards and desks, Rally offers a wide range of accessories. There is everything that modern children need: CD holders, coat hooks, photo frames and so on. There are 25 colors available to paint the room. Thanks to the aluminum color, Cia furniture also has a long lifespan. Combined wood essences, lacquers, fabric upholstery and colors make this collection very fashionable. More photos and information can be found on the international website of Cia.

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