Rattan Planters That Will Perfectly Complement All Of Your Houseplants

As boho and earthy styles take over the design world, rattan is a material that has cemented its place in most homes. This fabric is often confused with other materials used for woven furniture, such as seagrass or bamboo, but it is a completely separate plant. According to Amanda Lindroth, rattan is a type of climbing palm native to tropical climates. As a bonus, it is also much more durable and sustainable than other natural materials in its class.

Rattan is most commonly woven into wicker furniture or other weave patterns, but similar to bamboo, the wood material can either be broken down into fine, malleable and weavable strips or used as sturdy logs for furniture construction. But it’s not just furniture manufacturers who benefit from the many advantages this material offers. Many houseplant lovers love to keep their houseplants in either rattan planters or stands. Like bamboo and macrame, the fabric’s natural and light wood color pairs beautifully with lush green foliage. Most rattan planters are intended to hold or display a potted variety, as the material itself is not water-resistant, but they undoubtedly add a wonderful decorative touch to any room, boho or not.

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