Renovated Mid Century Modern Home In Australia

This mid-century Queensland, Australia, was recently renovated by longtime Brisbane firm Robin Spencer Architects. Gorgeous original stone walls, carpentry, indoor planters and the copper colored fireplace that has all been messed up and taken center stage as it should rightly be. Let’s take a look!

The living room has a sitting area on the wall, behind it two lemon yellow chairs and a matching piece of art. The other wall has a stone-clad fireplace and a sideboard and a comfortable lounge chair with a footrest. There is a large sofa and the room is cozier with a few mid-century rugs that match in color. There is an entrance to the outside deck here, and glazed doors make the room flooded with light.

The kitchen has white cabinets and a large dark kitchen island with a white top. The dining room features a stylish table, comfortable chairs with green upholstery, a stone-clad wall, and a planter built into the floor with lots of succulents. The secret of this home is that a lot of the furniture is authentic mid-century furniture, which creates a unique mood and ambience.

Outside, you can see a plunge pool and seating area with two comfortable chaise lounges. There is also a pond with some plants and water flowers. The house does not have oversized windows to keep the rooms private and hidden. Be inspired by the beauty of mid-century modern style!

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