Renovation With Ikea Furniture

Do you think a renovation will cost a lot of money? Do you think that cool decor and timeless design are impossible without tons of money? Today I am going to convince you that it is not true and that you can transform your apartment into a very stylish one without wasting a lot. Get ready for some stylish home improvement and the best IKEA furniture to create a modern living space with a twist.

This stunning apartment is located in a chic area of ​​Prague in the Czech Republic. This 45 square meter apartment was purchased in 2009 and kept intact for several years before the owner decided it was time to change.

The renovation was associated with a small budget. Fortunately for the owner, his partner is a partial owner of Stag Pads, who became the mastermind behind this colorful and eclectic apartment redesign.

The design incorporates funky eclectic vintage found pieces with cheaper Ikea pieces, reducing the overall cost of the redesign. They also reupholstered and repaired several parts, which further reduces the cost. Some IKEA parts have been renovated themselves to match the space. With the exception of the plumbing and electrical work, the entire renovation was carried out by the owner with the help of his partner.

The palette is focused with variations of soft grays, aqua, black and yellow. The focus on the topic remains a common thread throughout the house, so that vintage and modern blend seamlessly and this stunning apartment becomes a stylish success.

This is a cool, lively place for any young family, brave and lively enough. Cool works of art and photos set accents and pot green enlivens the rooms. The rooms are filled with natural light and there is additional light everywhere.

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