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Rented Apartment Renovation

Renting houses isn’t that cool: you can’t customize the space to your liking as changes are usually not allowed. That doesn’t leave much room for imagination and only a few options that can be incorporated into the interior, but still it is possible to make your home special. Today we share one of these houses that is rented out but still shows personality.

Since this apartment is a rented space, the walls, floor, and ceiling had to remain unchanged so you might see brick and concrete walls, and wooden floors. All new functions are offered in the form of custom-made furniture. The design team created modular and versatile furniture that can be reused in various forms in other places.

The corridor has a custom shelf and desk under the stairs that lead to the loft bedroom. The bedroom shows only a large comfortable bed with an upholstered headboard and a couple of floating bedside tables with open shelves. The kitchen is quite small but has all the necessary functions. A bar also serves as a partition between it and the living and dining area. A large sofa is complemented by a side table that fits over it to save space. There is a cool bike on display on the wall that will become part of the decor. The balcony offers space for additional seats, which can be brought into the living room if necessary. All in all this was a very successful and inspiring remodel which proves that the design is nothing impossible and even if you can’t make a lot of changes you can still get something personalized.

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