Roof Villa With Much Wood In Decor

Bosvilla by Natrufied Architecture is tucked away in a wooded coastal area of ​​the Dutch city of Bergen and surrounds nature to the fullest. The residence includes a house, guest house, carport and bicycle storage room, all carefully arranged according to the different heights of the surrounding trees.

Natrufied Architektur placed the main house between oaks and pines and away from the main road, and designed it with a fully open floor plan that includes more secluded areas to accommodate different needs during the day. A large, cantilevered roof lets enough sun into the interior and provides covered outdoor seating in the natural surroundings. Revolving and sliding doors offer uninterrupted access to the outside terraces, so that outside and inside can easily flow into one another.

The sleeping area, hidden in the sandy floor, has windows facing the forest for maximum privacy, while a grille on the south side lets enough sunlight into the bathroom. The guest house in the rear of the property offers its residents a similar experience of nature, with rooms flowing inwards and at the same time capturing the view of trees and dunes. Both the carport and the bicycle cellar are structures that are fully integrated into the landscape. All walls and roofs are naturally covered and have only one central access opening.

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