Rustic Home Of Two Barns

This house consisted of two barns that were dismantled, moved, and reassembled to create a large house in Roxbury, Connecticut.

The property was built for Cady Jr. by Ed Cady Sr. and Jr. of East Coast Barn Builders. The house has wooden beams, plaster walls and antique cypress floors. Upon entering, you will feel like you are in a rustic vintage house. A lot of natural stone and wood is used as decor throughout the barn house. The furniture is rustic and vintage, carved and beautifully adapted for the home so that you can get a feel for how you’re getting into your 19th centuryth Century or earlier.

The living room has vintage furniture upholstered in brown leather and a large stone-clad fireplace. Of course it works! There’s a dining table, some raw wood furniture, and vintage lanterns – this house is a very cool way of saving the spirit of the old days.

The master bedroom has cool exposed beams, a vintage wardrobe and ottoman. There is a lot of natural wood that makes the room more welcoming. The main bathroom is clad in wood – the bathtub, vanity and floor are all made of wood.

The kitchen and dining area are combined in one room and appear rather sophisticated. A wooden floor and a wooden ceiling with beams create a cozy backdrop for the entire room. There is a large kitchen island and custom-made wooden cabinets, but in my opinion the carved sideboard with glass cabinets is the flagship here. Get more pictures of this lovely home below!

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