Santorini Holiday Home

Everyone who hasn’t had a vacation dreams of one. For those of you who dream and just fools for beautiful homes, we share this Santorini home from Kapsimalis Architects.

The house is far from the tourist crowds, high up on a steep hill of the Profitis Ilias mountain. This graceful one bedroom holiday home offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea thanks to its convenient location and the residents feel as if they are floating above the sea. The architecture of the house uses traditional house building techniques and the aesthetics of the island’s reduced modernity.

The architects were inspired by the island’s local cave houses, which are locally called “Yposkafa” and are completely buried in the volcanic rock without a foundation. They nestled the house completely into the mountainside in order to shape the landscape as little as possible. The house has an elongated shape with a 10 m long glazed facade, which ensures that the living areas, an open living and dining room and an adjoining bedroom enjoy a generous view of the sea. The use of floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors also allows the indoor areas to blend seamlessly with the outdoor terrace.

In the interior, the architects opted for contemporary minimalism, underpinned by a muted palette of white, gray and beige, complemented by the warmth of natural textures such as oak and walnut and the sharpness of black steel surfaces. In the meantime, a diverse selection of furniture provides a splash of color. As expected, the living spaces are bathed in natural light thanks to the glazed facade, while the two bathrooms, one on either side of the house, have discreet skylights that create a more atmospheric atmosphere.

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