Scandinavian Home Pastel Touches

If you love the Scandinavian style this eye candy will make you swoon and if you don’t then you will sure love it after seeing these pictures. We rarely see such soft and delicate interiors in this style because it’s often a little cold, but Laura Melling and Portico Design Group managed to soften it up with amazing pastel shades.

The basic Nordic color scheme has been saved: black, light gray and white can be seen in every room, but these beautiful pastel colors make the home so harmonious and joyful that I can’t take my eyes off! The living room has a large white unit with a TV and drawers and a large black sofa opposite. A gray ottoman, modern mid-century tables with green legs and blushing pillows make the room cozy, and light curtains make it airier.

The dining area features a soft corner sofa, modern black chairs, and a black and white table, and geometric lamps reminiscent of beams light up the space. Blushing flowers and pale succulents look soft and cozy, they are so important here. The white kitchen is decorated with pastel colored accessories and dishes.

The home office is white, clean and elegant. It’s kept in such a way that it doesn’t distract from work, and lots of posters and hangings perk the room up. There’s a craft corner with blush and beige furniture that’s filled with greenery and blooming flowers that make it adorable.

The master bedroom shows a modern upholstered bed, several monochrome works of art, lots of greenery and flowers and cozy pastel beds. There’s also a second bedroom with a geometric statement wall, blushing walls, and a bed next to the window for those who love to enjoy the stars and moon.

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