Sculptural Coat Rack Inspired by Waltz Dancing

Autumn is almost here and there is nothing more necessary than a cloakroom because we need to store all of our coats, scarves and hats. There are many simple ideas, but this wardrobe is nothing like that, it is very special and its design is eye-catching and ingenious.

The Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi has designed a modular coat hanger that is inspired by the classic roller dance. The designers took note of the ease of the ballroom steps and the rotations of the dancers, made the modular piece curve and appeared to dance on the wall.

The coat hanger consists of several looped pieces of wood that can be put together to make longer or shorter fittings as required. The loops are created by steaming and bending rounded pieces of wood that snap into place as they cool. Upward-facing loops can be used for coats, while umbrellas or scarves can be hung around the downward-facing sections. The coat hanger is made of curved beech wood and can be arranged in different lengths depending on the available space. This is a cool idea that works for any modern entrance, simple and awesome.

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