Shipping Container Residence

As more and more architects are embracing the trend towards reclaimed shipping containers and today we are sharing one of these houses with you, it is a residence of the River & Rain studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The entire project was carried out using parts from four shipping containers. The result was a three-story residence with a surprisingly light appearance.

The residence has a steel frame and an unusually large number of large openings and reflective surfaces that together give it the light look just mentioned. The social areas are located on the ground floor, while the private areas are located on the two upper levels. Staircases connect the interiors as well as all decks and patios that are spread across the floor plan. Overall, the house has an industrial-rustic feel, with an emphasis on using reclaimed materials and transforming shipping containers from cold, strict quantities into a cozy and inviting home.

The landscaping around the house has been kept to a minimum so that the building remains in the center of the site. The residence has unusually large patios and patios connected by wooden and steel stairs. The two floors house the bedrooms and bathrooms with simple and inviting interiors. On the ground floor are the public and social areas where you can enjoy the view and nature. The bedrooms are connected to open terraces that let in natural light and panoramic views. The industrial style is definitely the dominant one, but there are also striking rustic details scattered throughout the design.

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