Shipwreck Lodge

We have seen many houses that have inspired many unusual things, but architects keep surprising us and creating more and more wonders that we just can’t take our eyes off of. The house we share today is one of them. It will impress you at first sight as it is inspired by shipwrecks.

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast has made a name for itself for this. The sand on the country’s northwest coast is littered with skeletons of both wildlife and wrecked ships, which gives the area an eerily beautiful atmosphere. Amidst these wrecks is a facility called Shipwreck Lodge, designed by Nina Maritz and Melanie Van Der Merwe. The lodge compliments the shipwrecks around it wonderfully and takes inspiration from the rundown shipwrecks that surround it. The house looks like damaged ship hulls from the outside, but presents a picturesque interior, which with its decor gives you the impression of being inside a ship as well.

There are round windows that offer lots of light and views, lots of plywood and ropes, and of course vintage metal fittings – all of this has been used to give a strong feel to old ships. The entrance is geometric and asymmetrical to make the house more interesting. There are two beds in the small house. Hanging strips of fabric separate the rooms, which also gives the house a shipwrecked feeling. The house has everything necessary for life so you can come for a weekend or vacation and enjoy the coastal life.

The house is powered by solar energy, with an impressive lounge and outdoor sand dunes that look almost like waves and make you feel like you are sailing ashore, overlooking the expansive Atlantic Ocean not far from the lodges!

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