Simple ideas for wood carving projects for your lockdown


Nobody expected quarantine and a lot of free time that suddenly appeared. At this point, you are probably thinking about how to deal with it.

Here is good news. Try wood carving. It’s easy. It’s relaxing. You also get unusual things for your home.

In this article you will find 10 simple wood carving projects that you can do at home.

1. Carve a snowman

A snowman is a very interesting and fun project. You can carve it together with your children. Just make sure that children wear cutting gloves while working with a razor-sharp knife.

Here is a video tutorial on carving snowmen.

2nd Make a cute wooden mouse

It is one of the easiest projects to have a lot of fun with. Good news that you don’t need a lot of stuff. Just two knives and a piece of wood. Sure, this project will appeal to all family members. You can even carve two or three mice together with your family. Watch the video:

3rd A hand carved rabbit will decorate your room.

Do you like cute little rabbits How about cutting one out? Wood?

It is a good project that every beginner can do. I am sure that you will be proud of your work.

Here is a detailed video on carving rabbits:

4th Carve a heart

Share some love with your family during this quarantine. Make a wooden heart. The wooden heart shape has some therapeutic effects on people, so you can help them stay calm. Here is a step-by-step guide:

5. Concentrate and carve a lizard

Wood carving helps us to concentrate and pay attention to every detail while you are really creating nice projects. This wooden lizard will bring good luck to you and your children as it is a very interesting and beautiful project.

Here is a video on how to carve it:

6. Carve a hillbilly

If you want to carve an unusual project, just carve a hillbilly. This word is used for people who live in rural, mountainous areas in the United States.

And here is a simple carving tutorial:

7. Sunflower wood carving

Bring the sun into your everyday life and carve a sunflower. This amusing project will assist you during the quarantine. Check it out and you will be satisfied with the work done.

Here is a detailed video on carving a sunflower:

8th. Wooden bear

What do you think about carving a beautiful white bear? The project is remarkable because it can be carved by any beginner, no matter what level you are at.

Don’t wait and carve this funny white bear after watching this video:

9. “Wood” Rubber Ducky

“Wood” Rubber Ducky? What does that mean? Watch this video on carving a new simple project and you will find an answer to this question.

10th Dragon Kuksa carving

You can call this interesting wood carving project a cup or a mug. It is an amazing feeling when you drink hot coffee from your handmade Kuksa. It is best to use linden for carving.

Final thoughts

Wood carving is a great hobby at all times. You stay at home and carve more and more interesting projects. In the meantime, you keep getting better skills. It helps you stay calm and relax. Just carve wood and stay safe. All the best for you and your family!

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