Small Bar Cabinet

Today we are showing a small bar cabinet in a beautiful Italian style designed by Andrea Lucatello. The first thing that strikes you is the contrast between the wood grain and gray. This piece is made from a Canaletto walnut that is clearly noticeable as the top pieces. On the left and below is matt, graphite-colored wood, which can also be available in white.

In the small bar cabinet you can see the walls lined with mirrors and a storage compartment for glasses. Surprisingly, some bottles can fit inside. One thing some families lack is a locking mechanism in case you are concerned about your kids getting bottled and replacing them with water.

The lighting inside is a great thing. Portos creates a great ambiance and you can imagine that with most of the lights in the house off, how noticeable it would be for you and your friends or family to enjoy an adult drink. Enjoy the metalwork in the shape of the legs, which again deviate from the norm and create a beautiful geometric shape.

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