Smart Bed Hidden Closet

In the modern world, many of us have a problem of lack of space because modern apartments are getting smaller and we need many things. Smart storage and space-saving solutions have become essential, and designers are trying to implement more space-saving ideas with their creations. Storing clothes and shoes can become a real problem as every modern person has had enough of them, especially girls. Not every home has space for a walk-in closet to organize all of these things, but you can store your things in different sideboards or design a makeshift closet to make all of your clothes and shoes part of your decor.

If you don’t like these ideas, you might notice the container bed from Italian furniture maker Dielle. This is a regular bed that has been raised to store clothes and shoes underneath. It is a solution for small apartments that often do not have enough storage space. Because the design is modular, you can add stairs and extra storage space around the bed. A small door gives you access to your belongings without having to lift the bed. Or you can raise the bed for full access to the closet below. All shelves in the closet can be adjusted to accommodate the storage options. It’s a great idea for any girl’s room, for a student apartment, or just for a small apartment. This is a cool and smart way to separate the closet and sleeping area.

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