Smart Modern Clocks

A clock is not just a piece that shows the time, it is also a part of the decor. To complete and polish your decor, give it a cool, modern twist, and maybe take advantage of some other features, you need a beautiful clock. Here are some of the coolest options to try. Choose what best suits your space.

Andreas Vang’s tectonic clock takes a new approach to the classic clock by placing a dynamic layer of keys on the clock’s hands. Time can be felt and seen as a shadow on the surface of the clock. Each hour and minute that has passed is represented by a shift in the surface. No frills, this minimalist clock offers a whole new twist to telling the time that can be both seen and felt!

Today is a 24-hour clock that removes numbers from its design and instead shows a gradient-like spectrum of the entire day, balancing dawn, noon, dusk and midnight. The clock completes a revolution every 24 hours in the hope that your perception of time will change and that there will be room for all the little things in life that cannot be counted.

The eight-day movement of L’epée 1839 aptly follows the design of a real spaceship. Much like a rocket, the watch’s power comes from the base – an oversized winding crown – and has a vertical dial that controls the precision on top. This regulator is properly protected from both cosmic rays and dirty fingers by a small plate made of transparent mineral glass. In addition, the hours and minutes of the clock are displayed on large-diameter stainless steel discs with numerals.

In its size as a mad scientist, the Nixie watch is actually quite a simple and intelligent device. It comes with an adapter that powers it, and it uses so little power that it can seemingly run for a month at the same wattage that a 40W lightbulb would run for a day. Apart from that, it is also equipped with dimmable lights, which makes it the ideal watch for normal and low light settings.

SH12 is a wall clock that plays with the relationship between an object and its shadow. It represents the subconscious of time by showing hours only through subtle impression and silhouette. The SH12 watch is a functional design with a combination of hard and soft, elastic material that mysteriously hides part of itself under the visible skin. It is a visual representation of this phenomenon.

Time Maze by Alessi is a clock with a body shaped like a broken line. In the middle is the clockwork. By defining that time is not linear or circular, but a labyrinth of abstract connections and playful interactions, the clock can be hung in any orientation, so that it can be hung individually in every house. The clock is made of stainless steel and is available in red, black and stainless steel.

Time Pattern is a wall clock that eliminates the typical check marks and numbers we usually use to tell the time. Inspired by the way time changes, designer Jorrit Taekema uses two lined triangular components that rotate to graph the passage of time. The layered elements pivot around showing an ever-changing white graphic pattern against the black clock front.

From Australian designer Abi Alice, the playful Dotty Clock started playing with dot stickers in various sizes and colors available in stationery stores. The minimal clock also refers to ancient astronomical devices that were used at a specific point in time to measure time by observing the movements of the solar system.

The Ingrein Smart Clock is just that, an internet-connected hardwood clock that keeps you up to date without the distraction. Most of the time the Ingrein Smart Clock shows the time and weather forecast. However, when something important happens, you will be notified through light, sound and digital notifications. It does this in a thoughtful, non-annoying way, and gives you full control over which notifications from which apps you want to be notified.

Like almost every product nowadays, the Etch Clock also has an associated app that allows users to choose from two display modes: “Sync & Go” automatically displays the time every 30 seconds; “Sync & Sensor” displays the time every 30 seconds, but only in the presence of sound picked up by an internal sensor.

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