Sofa Table For Kids

Babies are always curious about the world of adults. When the baby is invited to the parents’ coffee table, everyone at the table feels emotionally connected.

Boida is a coffee table designed by Kunsik Choi, who was born in South Korea and lives in Malmö, Sweden. This unique coffee table has handcrafted baby seating on one side. This seat can be used as a child seat, place for books or other decorative items. Boida is oval shaped and relatively low compared to the table top of the sofa, which makes it comfortable for the baby.

Toddlers love to be with their parents, so this coffee table gives you the opportunity to sit down and relax without having to worry about your child. Since the child is always in sight, it sits securely in the chair.

The aesthetic appearance made of wood is soothing to the eyes. The cutout allows your child to sit very comfortably, as it is fenced off by a round section of the table top. This ensures that your baby is protected from accidental falls or tipping over while sleeping. A thick wooden structure on one end as well as the three other legs on the other end of the table make this piece of furniture more stable.

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