Split Level House

This two-level house by Technē Architecture + Interior Design from Melbourne is on the hillside and sees light-flooded public spaces that rotate from a central dark back. Family life is bespoke, low-key and stylish without distracting from the beautiful surroundings of the bushland.

The kitchen, dining room and living room seem to be united in one room, but they are on different levels and so separated – what a creative idea to unite the rooms even though they are visually separated! The dining area has a wooden table, white chairs, and a vintage-inspired black fireplace. The living room features a round sofa, storage unit, velvet chair, and a glazed framed wall that offers great views. The kitchen is outfitted with sleek light wood cabinets and some black accents for an accent. She is very stylish and welcoming.

The home office has a full-length desk on the windowsill, some storage cabinets, a blue chair, and a cool soft blue sofa. The master bedroom is very quiet, with a gray upholstered bed, blushing bedside tables, and matching gray and navy beds. On the wall you can see a concrete circle as part of the decor, looks very modern.

The main bathroom is a large room made of gray and warm wood. There is a long vanity, two sinks and a large mirror made of several parts. You can also see a freestanding bathtub and some circle decorations that can be found throughout the room.

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