Stone cladding: The simple elegance of the natural world

Stone cladding is a wonderful way to bring tranquility into your home. Natural materials have a sense of raw simplicity that is sure to offset the restlessness of modern life.

Cladding in general is a simple practice of layering materials for better thermal insulation, weather protection, or to improve aesthetics – as is often the case with stone cladding. The most common type of cladding is probably weatherboard cladding, of which there are several types such as: B. Fiber cement, aluminum, vinyl and wood, to name a few. Read more about the common types of weatherboard cladding and their advantages here.

Stone cladding in particular is a beautiful way to transform interior and exterior walls. It is equally suitable for a new build or renovation as it simply covers the existing walls. The category includes many different types of stone, including granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, quartz and slate.

There are two main types of stone cladding: cladding panels (easy installation – best suited for machine split structural designs) or custom slip veneer (can be customized to suit wall thickness, looks more authentic, more difficult to install and more expensive).

Stone siding is one of the most expensive siding materials, so it may not be the right choice for those on an extremely tight budget. Including installation costs, stone veneer costs between $230 and $310 per square foot, depending on the type of stone purchased.

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