Storage Fabric Wood

Traditional bookcases always take up a lot of space, and I would say that even open shelves will do. Modern homes, most of which are tiny, just can’t afford to house all of these things. But what can you do if there is not enough space but there are quite a few books? There are plenty of creative book storage ideas out there and now I want to share one more piece that is definitely going to become everyone’s obsession due to its simplicity and cool looks.

RE: BOOK by Designer dialoguemethod is a functional alternative to bulky cabinets, shelves and lockers and offers a way to store your favorite things without losing space or style! The ‘RE: BOOK’ has fabric waves that serve as storage shelves for books and other slim items. Using fabric over textured materials like wood helps make the ‘RE: BOOK’ wall storage unit more functional and useful for small spaces. The ‘RE: BOOK’ is available in two color options including red and gray. It fits easily in any modern or minimalist room.

The design was particularly useful in taking the place of a good book. It was inspired by the idea that we have moved away from books for our mobile devices. It’s actually perfect timing as recent trends have shown paper books are making a big comeback over their e-book counterparts, but it’s no less perfect for e-readers, tablets, and other lean technologies. Its slim yet functional profile and virtually no floor space make it perfect for tiny bedrooms, small hallways and other compact spaces.

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