Storage That Float On Air

Thanks to the absolute transparency of the 8 mm extra clear tempered glass, the air shelf appears to float in the air, almost as if it were suspended in space. This makes it perfect in areas where there isn’t much light, as glass lets light through, which gives Air a seductive elegance and inspiring visual emotion.

The air storage is ideal for living areas, but not limited to these. It combines 36e8 storage units with air shelves. Air has two faces, so it can even be placed in the middle of the room, where it makes the room bright and luminous without the heaviness of traditional bookcases. With air-side storage, one of the sides of the container is painted a different color than the others, creating fresh, elegant compositions. Both the side and the front can be distinguished.

The air shelf makes the room light and luminous without the heaviness of traditional bookshelves. The reversibility of the central shelves allows you to change the product over time, making it a symbol of flexibility that easily adapts to the spatial context and tastes of the user.

The air storage is also a TV stand with a design advantage: the containers can be equipped with solutions for cables and IR receivers so that you can use your devices in a practical way without compromising aesthetics.

You can build your air storage the way you want it: lacquered or Wildwood shelves, containers with lacquered, glossy glass and opaque glass doors, and many different sizes and heights. And 32 LAGO colors for the shelves as well as the choice between single-colored containers or containers with a face in a different color. With all of these options, you are really free to create a custom bookcase that suits your own needs and personality.

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